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All appliance spare parts are stocked with in our warehouse or shipped via our NZ suppliers. All products are high quality oem  parts or genuine factory parts.

We strive to provide quality appliance parts NZ wide at a affordable price.

Our team are always ready and waiting to assist with your purchase and follow up assistance. We also have a technical team to assist when locating the correct part requires more specialist attention.

All appliance parts sold come with a factory warranty usually 12 months excluding some electronics and special orders.

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Simpson Westinghouse Fisher & Paykel Invensys MP101 Energy Regulator

$25.00 + GST

Universal Oven Knob – Satin (Silver) with adaptors 00539101

$7.00 + GST

Universal Cutlery Basket Dishwasher

$55.00 + GST

Universal Fisher Paykel Simpson Westinghouse Elextrolux Smeg Oven Lamp 25W 300C E14 Clear

$10.00 + GST

Simpson Electrolux Westinghouse WDV5051 WDV6051 EDV6552 EDV6051 EDV5051 39600M LD500B LD605EB EDS6051 Dryer Drum Belt 0198300011

$25.00 + GST

Simpson Westinghouse Freestanding Oven Knob 84285

$16.00 + GST

Simpson Westinghouse Oven Door Hinge 76427

$45.00 + GST


$10.00 + GST

Simpson Atlas Westinghouse Freestanding Oven Knob White – 74505

$17.00 + GST

Simpson Westinghouse AEG Zanussi Dishwasher Top Basket Wheels 50286967-00/0

$20.00 + GST

Westinghouse Simpson Oven Fan Element 0122004506 70283

$62.00 + GST

Universal White Oven Control Knob – single unit

$7.00 + GST

Westinghouse Dishwasher Bottom Basket Wheels Rollers Kit 50286965-00/4

$45.00 + GST

Electrolux Westinghouse Simpson Dryer Pulley Idler Tension Roller for Belt 0197300040

$40.00 + GST

Simpson Westinghouse Electrolux EZISET TOP LOADER AGITATOR Frame & Filter Bag 119408480

$42.00 + GST

Westinghouse Fridge Feet Assy

$5.00 + GST

Oven Control Knobs Universal Black

$35.00 + GST

1760360100 Aquastop Dishwasher inlet hose and valve

$65.00 + GST

Westinghouse Simpson Oven Gasket Seal 70053

$36.00 + GST

Bosch Fisher Paykel Oven Bulb 240V 40W 300°C, clear E14 base 00057874

$10.00 + GST

Westinghouse Oven Door Hinge 0045001083

$34.00 + GST

Simpson Westinghouse EZISET Washing Machine Agitator Top Cup Fabric Softener Dispenser Cap – 0007204001

$33.00 + GST
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