Bosch Washing Machine Door Seal 00354135 $50.00 + GST
Ariston door handle 116580 $42.00 + GST

Bosch washing machine Door Seal front loader boot gasket WM14S440AU/16, WM14S440AU/17, WM14S440AU/18. Will suit the following Bosch Models: LOGIXX 8, AVANTIXX 7, WAS, WAQ

Seal front inside diameter – 29cm, front outside diameter – 33.5cm, overall back outside diameter – 41cm.

Seal has a small dispenser fill tube near the top. Adaptable flexible bellows joint in epdm material. Front loading porthole tunnel.


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Sku:00101324 (ast)

$50.00 + GST

In stock

Bosch Washing Machine Door Seal 00680768 682843 772658 00772653 (Part codes: B680768 , 682843 680768 772658 772653 00682843 00680768 00772658 00772653 00680769 680769)

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Will suit the following Bosch Models: Suits some Bosch front loaders including Avantixx WAS24460AU/01 & later versions, Logixx 8 WAS28440AU/16 & later versions, Home Professional WAY32540AU/02 & later versions & many others with detergent dispenser fill tube. Also fits some Neff & Siemens models.

LOGIXX 8, AVANTIXX 7, WAS…..WAQ….WAS24460AU, WAP24261AU, WAP24160AU, WAK24160AU, WAK24220AU, WM14S440AU/16, WM14S440AU/17, WM14S440AU/18, WM14S440AU/20, WM14S440AU/23, WM14S440AU/27WM16S740AU/16, WM16S740AU/18, WM16S740AU/20, WM16S740AU/23, WM16S740AU/27, WAS32440AU, WAS32742/01, WAS32742/06, WAS32742/08, WAS32742AU/01, WAS32742AU/06, WAS32742AU/08, WAS32742AU/10 WAS32741AU/16, WAS32741AU/18, WAS32741AU/20, WAS32741AU/23, WAS32741AU/24, WAS28461AU/O1WAS32741AU/27, WAS28440AU/16, WAS28440AU/17, WAS28440AU/18, WAS28440AU/20, WAS28440AU/23, WAS32742AU/08, WAS32440AU/10; WAS28461AU/01; WAS28440AU/24,WAS28440AU/27,WAS28461AU/01, WAT28440AU/04, WAS32440AU/55, WAS28461AU/01, WAS32440AU/45; WAT24220AU/01; WAP24160AU/02; WAP24160AU/01;  WAS24460AU/03; WAK24220AU/03;  WAK24220AU/02; WAK24220AU/01 WAS32440AU/07 WAS32440AU/10 WAS32440AU/14


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