Oven Door Support Bracket $24.00 + GST
Oven Door Bracket - Right $91.00 + GST

Oven Door Bracket – Left

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Sku:574075P (fp)

$91.00 + GST

Delivery from supplier

This door bracket is for oven doors that have three panes of glass. If you have a double oven please check the list below carefully as the parts could be different for each oven.

This bracket is for the left side of the oven (when facing the oven the bracket is on the left), the part number for the right side is 574076P.

Suits the following models:

OB60S – Single Ovens
OB60S3LCX1, OB60S9DEM1, OB60S9DEX1, OB60SCCX1, OB60SCEW1/2/3, OB60SCEX1/2/3, OB60SCMW1/2/3, OB60SCMX1/2, OB60SCMX3, OB60SCRX1, OB60SDEM1/2, OB60SDEX1/2

OB60B77 – Double Ovens
This part is only for the lower oven
OB60B77CEW1/2, OB60B77CEX1/2, OB60B77DEM1/2, OB60B77DEX1/2
The bracket for the upper oven is part 574434

OB60BC/D – Double Ovens
This part is only for the lower oven
OB60BCEW1/23, OB60BCEX1//3, OB60BDEM1/2/3, OB60BDEX1/2/3

OB60D – Double Ovens
Both ovens use this part
OB60DDEM2/3, OB60DDEX2/3

OR – Double and Single Ovens
All ovens use this part

Dimensions 0.00 × 0.00 × 0.00 cm
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