Haier Dryer Hinge Cover $10.00 + GST
Fisher & Paykel Washing Machine Hot water Inlet Hose $39.00 + GST

Fisher & Paykel Washing Machine Cold water hose inlet

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Sku:H0020300158A (fp)

$38.00 + GST

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F&P Washing Machine Cold Water inlet

Part nr: H0020300158A

Suits all top loaders and front loaders for the cold water hose.

WH7560J3 (92236-A)
WH7560J3 (93249-A)
WH7560P2 (92230)
WH7560P2 (92230-A)
WH7560P2 (93247-A)
WH8060F1 (93228)
WH8060F1 (93228-A)
WH8060F1 (93255-A)
WH8560J3 (93236-A)
WH8560J3 (93246-A)

WH7560P1,WH7560P1, WH7560J1, 92137, WH8560P1, WH8560J1, WH8560P2, WH7560P2, WH8560J2, WH8060P1, WH8060P2, WH7560J2, HWF75AW1, HWF85AW1, HWF80AW1

Dimensions 0.00 × 0.00 × 0.00 cm
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