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Bosch Refrigerator Water Outlet 00615388 $34.00 + GST
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H0180800201AB Fisher & Paykel Aero XL Dryer Front Drum Bearing Guide Kit of 2 Haier HD80-01 DE8060P1

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$40.00 + GST

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You need to fit a 10 Inner Diameter x 21 Outer Diameter x 1.6 Thickness (mm) washer per roller if fitting to a model with suffix P1 to stop the rollers from binding on the shaft and rubbing.

Parts: H0180800201 H0180800201A H0180800201B 0180800201 H0180800201, H0180800201A, H0180800201AB, h0030801530,

Suits models:

DE8060, DH8060P1, HDC80E1

HD80-01, DE8060P1, DE8060P2, DC8060P1, DE8060P2

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