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Oven Lamp – Screw Attachment – Suits Various Ovens

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$28.00 + GST

Oven bulb Lamp Floodlight 230V 25W SES Note this is the bulb only Suits the following models: Oven models beginning BI600 BI600G BI600GR BI600QASE2 BI600QASE1.5 BI600R BI600RR Note BI600ED & BI600XC may use this bulb or part 40400, please contact our spares department for further information Oven models beginning BI601 BI601A BI601C BI601CTE BI601E BI601ED BI601G BI601QAA BI601QAE BI601QASE BI601QASX BI601QASE1.5 BI601QASE2 BI601QASX BI601R BI601X BI601XC Oven models beginning BI602 B1602ASE B1602E B1602H B1602MASE B1602R BI602 BI6021MDE2 BI602A BI602ASE1.5 BI602ASE2 BI602ASX BI602C BI602CE BI602CTE BI602ED BI602HN BI602MAA BI602MAE BI602MASE BI602MASE1.5 BI602MASE2 BI602MASX BI602MDE BI602MDE1.5 BI602MDE2 BI602MDX BI602QAA BI602QAE BI602QASE BI602QASE1.5 BI602QASE2 BI602QASES BI602QASX BI602R BI602X BI602XC Oven models beginning BI603 B1603A BI603CE BI603CTE BI603DE BI603DE1.5 BI603DE2 BI603DX BI603E BI603ED BI603H BI603HN BI603MASE BI603MASE1.5 BI603MASE2 BI603MASX BI603MDE BI603MDE1.5 BI603MDE2 BI603MDEB BI603MDX BI603QASE BI603QASE1.5 BI603QASE1.5 BI603QASE2 BI603QASE2 BI603QASX BI603X BI603XC Oven models beginning BI4 BI452R BI453QASP Oven models beginning OB60 OB60B77CEW1 OB60B77CEW2 OB60B77CEX1 OB60B77CEX2 OB60B77DEM1 OB60B77DEM2 OB60B77DEX1 OB60B77DEX2 OB60BCEW1 OB60BCEW2 OB60BCEW3 OB60BCEX1 OB60BCEX2 OB60BCEX3 OB60BDEM1 OB60BDEM2 OB60BDEM3 OB60BDEX1 OB60BDEX2 OB60BDEX3 OB60DDEM1 OB60DDEM1.5 OB60DDEM3 OB60DDEX1 OB60DDEX2 OB60DDEX3 OB60NCEX1 OB60NDEX1 OB60NLMW1 OB60NLMX1 OB60S9DEM1 OB60S9DEX1 OB60SCEW1 OB60SCEW2 OB60SCEW3 OB60SCEX1 OB60SCEX2 OB60SCEX3 OB60SCMW1 OB60SCMW2 OB60SCMW2 OB60SCMW3 OB60SCMX1 OB60SCMX2 OB60SCMX3 OB60SDEM1 OB60SDEX1 OB60SDEX2 OB60SDTM1 OB60SDTM2 OB60SDTX1 OB60SDTX2 OB60SLMFX2 OB60SLMFX3 OB60SVMX1 OB60SVMX2 OB60SVMX3 Oven models beginning OR60 OR60SDBSX1 OR60SDBGX1 Oven models beginning OB61 OR61S2CEWW2 OR61S4CEWW2 OR61S8CEWSW2 Oven models beginning OR12 OR120DDWGFX1 Freestanding ranges beginning RA102 & RA103 All RA6102 RA103

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