Baumatic Manop Term Multi $14.25 + GST
Baumatic REPLACED BY 62802450.......INT. STINLESS STEEL TUBE $90.25 + GST

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Oven bulb with screw attachment Lamp Oven SES Lustre 230V 40W Note this is the bulb only Suits the following: Oven models beginning BI600 BI600A BI600C BI600CR BI600E BI600P BI600QAE BI600QCR BI600QIO BI600QWD BI600S BI600X Note BI600ED & BI600XC may use this bulb or part 573225, please contact our spares department for further information Oven models beginning BIC BICT600E BICT600P Oven models beginning OB60 OB60SDEPX1 OB60SDEPM1 OB60SDEPX2 OB60SDEPM2 OB60S9DEPM1 OB60S9DEPX1 Oven models beginning WO57 WO570A WO570AD WO570E WO570ED WO570T WO570TD WO570TC WO570X WO570XD Freestanding ranges beginning RA535 & RA610 All RA535 RA610

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