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Westinghouse Oven Door Seal $40.00 + GST

Simpson Sirocco Maxidry Encore Eziset Dryer Mesh Lint Filter (NO TABS) – 0144300008

Genuine Electrolux 0144300008. THIS FILTER DOESNT HAVE ANY LUGS / TABS. Some Maxidry and earlier Simpson models will have the tabs version, please compare first.

In Stock

Sku:SEP515 (SM)

$45.00 + GST


Part nr: 0144300008 ( REPLACES PART NUMBERS 0144300001 2980605 SMD036A 1586683 1586939 1547191 1546796 NEW & GENUINE ELECTROLUX PART 0144300008,)

Suits Models: 39S455J*02

39B360P*13, 39B365S*12, 39B365S*13

39B450P*13, 39B455S*12, 39B455S*13

39B510SA*12, 39B510SA*12

39D361P*13, 39D362P*13

39D452P*13, 39D456S*12, 39D456S*13, 39D457S*12, 39D457S*13

39D505SR*12, 39D505SR*13, 39D512SA*12, 39D512SA*13

39P361E*02, 39P362E*02, 39P361E*03, 39P362E*03, 39P350J*01, 39P350J*02, 39P350L*00, 39P350K*01, 39P350K*02, 39P350K*03

39P452E*02, 39P452E*03, 39P450J*01, 39P450J*02, 39P450L*00, 39P450K*01, 39P450K*02, 39P450K*03

39S367E*02, 39S367E*03, 39S355J*01

39S456E*02, 39S457E*02, 39S456E*03, 39S457E*03, 39S455J*01, 39S455J*02, 39S455L*00, 39S455K*01, 39S455K*02, 39S455K*03

39S512E*01, 39S500J*02, 39S500L*00, 39S550L*00 39S555L*00, 39S500K*01, 39S500K*02, 39S550K*01, 39S550K*02, 39S555K*01, 39S555K*02, 39S500K*03, 39S550K*03, 39S555K, 39S505E*02, 39S512E*02, 39S505E*03, 39S512E*03, 39S500J*01, 39S555J*01, 39S555J*02, 39S550J*01, 39S550J*02

DC460S*02; 39P350L*00


39P350 39S500 39S550 39P450

LDE05GSW*04 LDE04GPW*04 39P350J*01 39S355J*01 39P450J*01 39S455J*01 39S500J*01 39P350J*02 39P350L*00 39P450L*00 39S455L*00 39S500L*00 39P450J*02 39S455J*02 39S500J*02 39S555L*00 39P350K*02 39P350K*01 39P450K*02 39P450K*01 39S455K*02 39S455K*01 39S500K*01 39S500K*02 39P350K*03 39P450K*03 39S455K*03 39S500K*03 39P361E*03 39P362E*03 39P452E*03 39S367E*03 39S456E*03 39S457E*03 39S505E*03 39S555K*01 39S555K*02 39S550K*01 39S550K*02 39S550J*01 39S550J*02 39S555K*03 39S555J*01 39S555J*02 39S550K*03 39S550L*00 39P361E*03 39S367E*03 39S456E*03 39S500J*01 39S555J*01 39S555J*02 39S550J*01 39S550J*02 39P350J*02 39P450J*02 39S455J*02 39S500J*02 39P350K*03 39P450K*03 39S455K*03 39S500K*03 39S550K*03 39S555K*03 39P362E*03 39P452E*03 39S505E*03 39S512E*03 39P350J*01 39S355J&01 39P450J*01 39S455J*01 39P350L*00 39P450L*00 39S455L*00 39S500L*00 39S550L*00 39S555L*00 39P350K*01 39P350K*02 39P450K*01 39P450K*02 39S550K*01 39S550K*02 39S555K*01 39S555K*02

Dimensions 0.00 × 0.00 × 0.00 cm
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