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Simpson Westinghouse Oven Door Hinge 76427

Original Simpson Oven Door Hinge suits Left & Right – 76427

Sold as single items – order x2 if you need a pair.

*For equal tension and strength replace both hinges.*

This will work on Simpson freestanding stoves including: Mercury Colombo Neptune Saturn Jupiter Polaris Apollo, cosmos, Gemini, Alpha ; some ew050,100,250,300 series ovens; some 1w6,2w6 and 3w6 La Casa, La Roma, La Bella, La Stella series Ovens

Stronger spring but will close well on Fisher & Paykel ovens

Compatible with models listed in the description:
For Large oven on EW100SD, EW300SD, EW050SD, 2U602WL*03, EW050SB, EW100SD, ew300sb,
EW300SD EW050SD,
1U601W, 1U602W, 1U603w, 1U604w, 1U605w, 1U606w, 1U607w, 1U608w,
some ew050, EW100, EW250, EW300 series ovens Thrmowave, 2W601S, 2W601W,
1U6, 2U6, 3U6, Mercury, Columbo, Neptune, Saturn, Gemini, Polaris, Apollo, Alpha, cosmos, Jupiter,
some 1w6, 2w6 and 3w6 La Casa, La Roma, La Bella, La Stella series Ovens, EW050WB,
Chef, Westinghouse, Simpson oven door hinge
3U603W, 2u600W, 2u601W, 2u602W, 2u603W, 2u604W, 2u605W, 2u606W, 2u607W, 2u608W, 2u609W,
2U501W, 2U502W, EW300sb*01, 1U600*00,
3w600s, 3W601S, 3W602S, 3W603S, la casa,
Please note
Check your old hinge for numbers or letters before your order
This models is guide only
Price is for each individual hinge.

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