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Bosch Dishwasher Sealing kit for circulation pump set with lower part pump housing + impeller + O-ring

SGU59A05AU/21, SHV55M03AU/70, SGV59A13AU/21, SGV55M03AU/32, SGU67T15AU/01

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$161.00 + GST

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Bosch dishwasher wash pump seal bearing and impellor kit

Part: 00419027 10013913

Sealing Kit Wash Motor SHV55M03AU/70, SHV55M03AU/76, SHV55M03AU/78, SGV59A13AU/21, SGV59A23/21, SGV67T13AU/01, SGV67T13AU/05, SGV55M03AU/32, SGV55M03AU/65, SGV55M03AU/70, SGV55M03AU/76, SGU67T15AU/01, SGU59A05AU/21, SGU57M45AU/30, SGU57M45AU/78, SGU55E05AU/30, SGU55E05AU/76, SGU53E05AU/77, SGS59A02AU/32, SGS59A02AU/45, SGS59A02AU/47, SGS59A02AU/54, SGS59A02AU/56, SGS55M72AU/32, SGS55E02AU/30, SGS55E02AU/76, SGS53E02AU/77, SGI59A05AU/32, SGI59A05AU/45, SGI59A05AU/47, SGI59A05AU/54, SGI59A05AU/56, SGI59A05AU/63, SGI59A05AU/65, SGI59A05AU/70, GI55E35EU/70, SGI55E35EU/73, SGI55E45AU/70, SGI55E45AU/76, SGI55M02FF/35, SGI55M02FF/56, SGI55M05AU/32, SGD85E02AU/30, SGD85E02AU/76 SGS55E42AU/86 SGS55E42AU/01 SGS55E42AU/82


Dimensions 0.00 × 0.00 × 0.00 cm
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