Fisher Paykel WD8560F1 Washing Machine Door Seal Boot Gasket H0020300601H $140.00 + GST

Round filter filled with activated charcoal as used in some Westinghouse rangehoods

Removes odours from the air that passes through the rangehood.

Diameter – 17cm, thickness – 2.5mm, Total height – 20mm, 1 central mounting hole with 3 twistlock slots.

Delivery from supplier


$120.00 + GST

Delivery from supplier

Carbon filter part number ARCFC has been superceded by this part. It is pictured above but is not the part you will receive. The photos of the old version of the filter are shown for illustration purposes only. It is no longer available.

Electrolux Westinghouse Rangehood Carbon Filter Cartridge .

Part No. ACC069. Replaces part no. 0144002137, ARCFC.

Suits : WRG600, WRG602, WRG613, WRG900, WRG901, WRG913, RFC600, RFC602, RFC630, RFC632, RFC900, RFC902, RFC930, RFC932, RDN6, RGN6, RDN9, RGN9, WRH600, WRH602, WRH603, WRH611, WRH900, WRH903, WRH911, RDHR6, RDHR9, WRG605I, WRG607, WRG607I, WRG610I, WRG905I, WRG907, WRG907I, WRG910I. RCN6S*11

Now comes as 2 pieces, push & turn to fit, clip in middle, supersedes TPC & ARCFC



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