Fisher Paykel Dryer Hinge Cover D5 White $20.00 + GST
427226 FILTER EXHAUST $5.04 + GST

Fisher & Paykel Front Venting Dryer Grille Spigot

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$20.00 + GST

F&P Front Venting Dryer Grille Spigot

Part nr: 427197

Suits model numbers beginning with AD39,  DE35 and DE40.

Models: AD35 AD35A AD36 AD37 AD38 AD39 AD50 AD52 AD53 AD55 ED50
ED52 ED53 ED54 ED55 ED56 SDA53A SDA54E

Model nr: DE40F56A 2 FP NZ Product Code: 92188-A

Model nr: DE35F56AW 1 FP NZ Product Code: 92106-A

Grille sold separately under part 427199p

Dimensions 0.00 × 0.00 × 0.00 cm
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