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Delonghi Fisher Paykel Elba Oven 9 POSITION SELECTOR SWITCH 906GWF, D906GII, D90G, D916GW

Suits many models.

Tech Notes: Positions: 8+0 The functions: 7 Red or White Both the same

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Sku:SFP209 (SM)

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Fisher & Paykel Delonghi Oven Selector function switch.

Tech Notes:
Positions: 8+0 The functions: 7

Red or White Both the same

P/N: 0500281 or 573632 50028 050028 DL050028, 050028.1, D0050028, DO050028, 0500281. 110801, ST10801, 10980, ST10980, 3095/4, 573632p

Suit models: Press ctrl+f to search your model number. Model number is on the serial sticker inside the door frame, behind the Warmer door or Behind the oven

D906G11 ds61e DS61GW DDO DSO MFPS D906GII a106g d90g d906gii feg900x feg600x fec600x feg905x dso feg605x de906gii d906gwf DMFPS60 DMFPS60B,dl50028.1 oven switch feg905x elba 9sex937,c9s0dk055r, DE60MW Incls Off MULTIFUNCTION 050028.1 DL050028.1 050028.1 DO0500281 3095/4 3095-4 050028.1,DL050028.1,050028.1,DO0500281, 3095/4 3095-4 10801 DE60MW””” 0500281 906GWF, D906GII, A106G, A1346G, A726G, CX100, D90G, D916GWF, de906gwf, D926GWF, DMFPSI, DMFPS, DMFPW, DMFPSII, DMFPS60, DS61E, D61C, D61EII, D61GW, DS61GW,  L91GW, LMFS60F, MFPS, CBV 633, D61G, D61C, A1026G, DMFPW, SMN 8, DESIDESRH, MFPW, DS61GW, MSI 9160 ME Cecina, DEF608E, DMFPS62B, PEMX 664/1, DMFPS, D 61 G LPG, L91GW, DE60MPB, PMA 8 XP, DE926GWF, DMFPS62, DE608MRH, DE62MPS, DMFPSII, DE62MPS, PMAN 8, PEMA 965/1, DMV 8, MSB 9160 ME Cecina, DMA 8X, D906GWF, PEMR 965 A, DE6060MD, SMB6 Forni a incase, DE60E, PMA 8, SMV 6 CAT Forno a incase, MQ 162X, DESIDESRH, DE60MW, DOMFPW, SMI 6 CAT Forno a incase, PEMA 965/1, DMV 8, M 61MFX, M 92X, SMA 6 PRO Forno a incase, PEMB 965 A, PEMX 965/1, PEMX 965, PEMW 965, PEMX 664, PEMX 166 GHI, 8645 RX Cecina, PEMW 965/1, PEMX 166 GHIT, MQ 161X, DE60GW, D926GII, PEMX 965T, D926GWF, A106G, LMFW60F, DE60MW, DE608MLH, PEMA 965 A, DESIDESLH, PEMX 664/1 GHI, DE60MPS, D916GWF, A726G, D61EII, DE60MS, D61GW, DE6038MD, D61E, 61G, DEF9085DGW, LVB 5643 cucina, DESIDESLH, D90G, CMFPS, M 60MFX cucina, 8C4MFTX Cecina, TEMX 664V, TEMW 664/1 V, PMA 8, CX 822

Delonghi A106G

Delonghi DE60EDelonghi D61GIIDelonghi DE60GWDelonghi D61GWDelonghi DE60MSDelonghi D906GIIDelonghi DE906GWFDelonghi D906GWFDelonghi DE926GWFDelonghi D90GDelonghi DEF909GWDelonghi D916GWFDelonghi DMFPSDelonghi D926GWFDelonghi DOMFPSDelonghi DS61E

Dimensions 0.00 × 0.00 × 0.00 cm
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