Fisher Paykel OB60 Oven Knob/Dial Mechanism Black 563282 $108.00 + GST
Baumatic Replaced by 56501711.......................NECK RING $21.00 + GST

Fisher Paykel, Elba Oven Lamp Halogen G9 25W 230V 563377

Delivery from supplier

Sku:563377 (fp)

$28.00 + GST

Delivery from supplier

F&P Oven Light Bulb G9 25W 230V

Part nr: 562027 superceeded to part nr: 563377

Suits Models: OB60S / OB60NC /  OB60SC9DEPX1 OB60SC6CEX2 FP AA 81745-A OB60SC6CEPX2 FP AA 81744-A OB60SC6CEPX2 FP AA 81744-,
OB60SC6CEX2 FP AA 81745-AOB60SC5CEPX2 FP AA 81747-AOB60SC5CEPX2 FP AA 81747-
BOB60SC6CEPX2 FP AA 81744-AOB60SC6CEPX2 FP AA 81744-BOB60SC7CEPX2 FP AA 81741-
81739-BOB60SC9DEPX1 FP AA 81483-BOB60SC7CEPX1 FP AA 81490-BOB60SC5CEX2 FP AA
81748-AOB60SC7CEW2 FP AA 81743-AOB60SC7CEX2 FP AA 81742-AOB60SC8DEPX2 FP AA
81739-AOB60SC11DEPX1 FP AA 81504-AOB60SC5CEW1 FP AA 81496-AOB60SC5CEX1 FP AA
81495-AOB60SC5LCX1 FP AA 81493-AOB60SC7CEPX1 FP AA 81490-AOB60SC7CEW1 FP AA
81494-AOB60SC7CEX1 FP AA 81485-AOB60SC7LEX1 FP AA 81491-AOB60SC7VEW1 FP AA
81506-AOB60SC7VEX1 FP AA 81505-AOB60SC9DEPX1 FP AA 81483-AOB60SC9DEX1 FP AA
81484-AOB60SC11DEPX1 FP AA 81113-COB60SC7CEPX1 FP AA 80975-COB60SC9DEPX1 FP AA
80946-COB60SC9DEX1 FP AA 80947-COB60SC11DEPX1 FP AA 81113-BOB60SC7VEW1 FP AA
81115-BOB60SC7VEX1 FP AA 81114-BOB60SC5CEW1 FP AA 80981-BOB60SC5CEX1 FP AA
80980-BOB60SC5LCX1 FP AA 80978-BOB60SC7CEPX1 FP AA 80975-BOB60SC7CEW1 FP AA
80979-BOB60SC7CEX1 FP AA 80948-BOB60SC7LEX1 FP AA 80976-BOB60SC9DEPX1 FP AA
80946-BOB60SC9DEX1 FP AA 80947-BOB60SC11DEPX1 FP AA 81113-AOB60SC7VEW1 FP AA
81115-AOB60SC7VEX1 FP AA 81114-AOB60SC5CEW1 FP AA 80981-AOB60SC5CEX1 FP AA
80980-AOB60SC5LCX1 FP AA 80978-AOB60SC7CEPX1 FP AA 80975-AOB60SC7CEW1 FP AA
80979-AOB60SC7CEX1 FP AA 80948-AOB60SC7LEX1 FP AA 80976-AOB60SC9DEPX1 FP AA
80946-AOB60SC9DEX1 FP AA 80947-A

Dimensions 0.00 × 0.00 × 0.00 cm
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