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Mitsubishi MRH290S/ST Fridge Crystal shelf KIEKQ8420 $45.00 + GST

Westinghouse Simpson Dishwasher Gasket 1650mm – 0208400069

Delivery from supplier

Sku:0208400069(sm) ETA 5-7 days

$50.00 + GST

Delivery from supplier

Simpson dishwasher  door gasket

No hooks in gasket, fits to body of dishwasher, approx 1645mm in length,


52B980BW000 52B960IW000 52B960BB000 52B960BW000 52B880MB000
52B880BB000 52B860BB000 52B860BW000 52B960IW*03 52B960BW*04 52B840BW*02 52B840BW*01 52B850SF*01 52B850WG 52B850WF
52B850SF*02 52B850SF*03 52B850WF*01 52B850WF*02 52B850WF*03 52B860BC*03 52B860BW*04 52B860BW*05
52B860FW*04 52B860FW*05 52B860MW*01 52B862BW*04 5211864BW*04 52B866BW*04 52B868BW*03 52B880BC*03
52B880BW*03 52B880MC*03 52B880MW*03 52B960BW*05 52B9601W*04 52B964BW*01 52B966BW*02 52B850SF*00
52B850WF*00 52B950WF*01 52B950WF*00 52B980SF*00 52B980SF*01 52B980WF*01 52B980WF*00 SB920WE*03
SB921KE*03 SB921WE*03 SB921SE*03 SB9O5WE*OO 52B950WF*03 52B980SF*03 52B980WF*03 SB905WE*00 SB904B*01
SB904B*02 SA906BE*04 SA906BE*05 SA906BE*06 SB906B*01 SB908B*01 52A906BW 52B860FW000 52B860BW*00
52B862BW000 52B864BW000 52B866BW000 52B868BW000 52B880BW000 52B880MW000 52B960IB000 52B980BB000
52B864BW*04 52B960IW*04 SB920WG*00 SB921KG*00 SB921SG*00 SB921WG*00 52B860FW*02 52B860BW*02
52B860BC*02 52B862BW*02 52B880BC*02 52B880MW*02 52B960IB*02 52B980BB*02 52B980BW*03 52B860FW*03
52B860BW*03 52B862BW*03 52B864BW*02 52B866BW*02 52B868BW*02 52B866BW*03 52B864BW*03 52B880BW*02
52B880MC*02 52B960BB*02 52B960BB*03 52B960BW*03 52B980BB*03 52B980BW*04 52B960IB*03 SB905WE*03
52B840BW*O1, 52B840BW*O2 SB905WG*00 52271000 52371000 52571000 53271000 53571000 52235000 52255000 52265000
52275000 52285000 52535000 52555000 52565000 52575000 52585000 53275000 53575000 54551000 52A860BB 52A860FW
52A860BW 52A860FB 52A866BW 52A880BB 52A880BW 52A880MB 52A880MW 52A960BB 52A960BW 52A960IB 52A960IW
52A980BB 52A980BW SA906BE*00 SA904B*00 SA904B*03 SA904B*04 SA904B*01 SA904B*02 SA906B*00 SA906B*01
SA906B*02 SA906B*03 SA906B*04 SA906B*05 SA906BE*01 SA906BE*02 SA906BE*03 SA908B*00 SA908B*01 SA908B*02
SA908B*03 52B840BW*00 52B900BC*04 52B900BW*04 52B900IC*04 52B900IW*04 SB920WE*00 SB921KE*00 SB921WE*00
SB910WD*00 SB911KD*00 SB911WD*00 SB912WD*00 52B970WD*00 52B971WD*00 52B972WE*00 SB920WE*04
SB921KE*04 SB921SE*04 SB921WE*04 52B900BC*00 52B900BC*01 52B900BC*02 52B900BC*03 52B900BW*00
52B900BW*01 52B900BW*02 52B900BW*03 52B900IC*00 52B900IC*01 52B900IC*02 52B900IC*03 52B900IW*00
52B900IW*01 52B900IW*02 52B900IW*03 52B860BW*06 52B860FW*06 52B860MW*02 52B862BW*05 52B864BW*05
52B866BW*05 52B964BW*02 52B966BW*03

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