Simpson Electrolux Dishwasher Bottom Door Seal 0208400131G $44.00 + GST
022482 FIXTURE $23.32 + GST

Simpson Door Seal

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Sku:0208400158G ETA approx. 5-10 days.

$50.00 + GST

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Simpson Dishwasher Door Seal / Gasket

Simpson Vulcan Global, Silencio and Freestyle upper door seal

No hooks in gasket, fits to body of dishwasher. Approx 1715mm in length, Black

Suits Model: DX403SB*04 DX403WB*04 DX403IWB*04 DX403SB*05 DX403IWB*05 DX302ISJ*00 SB921KH*04 SB921WH*04 SB930SH*04 SB931SH*04 SB932SH*04 SB920WH*04 52B850WJ*01 52B850SJ*02 52B850WJ*02 52B850SJ*01 DX403WB*05 52B870SJ*02 52B870WJ*02 52B890SJ*02 52B890WJ*02 52B870SJ*03 52B870WJ*03 52B890SJ*03 52B890WJ*03 EX302WB*00 EX302SB*00 EX403SB*00 EX403WB*00 EX403IWB*00 EX302SB*01 EX302WB*01 EX302SB*02 EX302SB*03 EX302WB*02 EX302WB*03 SB920SH SB920WH*01 SB921KH SB921SH SB921WH*01 SB922SH*01 52B850WJ*00 DX300KA*02 DX300SA*02 DX300WA*02 DX302WB*01 SB907SJ*00 SB907WJ*00 SB915KJ*00 SB915SJ*00 SB915WJ*00 SB925SJ*00 DX403SB*01 DX403WB*01 DX100KA*00 DX100SA*00 DX100WA*00 DX302SB*00 DX302WB*00 52B850WH*04 52B855SH*04 52B950WH*04 52B980WH*04 52B985SH*04 DX300KA*00 DX300WA*00 DX300SA*00 DX102SB*00 DX102WB*00 52B855SH*00 52B985SH*00 DX300KA*01 DX300SA*01 DX300WA*01 DX450KA*02 DX450IKA*02 DX450SA*02 DX450WA*02 DX450IWA*02 SB930SH*00 SB931SH*00 SB932SH*00 DX100KA*03 DX100SA*03 DX100WA*03 K100WA*03 SB907WJ*01 SB915KJ*01 SB915SJ*01 SB915WJ*01 SB907SJ*01 SB925SJ*01 SB920WH*00 SB920SH*00 SB921WH*00 SB921KH*00 SB921SH*00 52B870SJ*00 52B890WJ*00 DX450KA*00 DX450IKA*00 DX450SA*00 DX450WA*00 DX450IWA*00 SB905WH*01; 52B855SH*01

Part nr: 0208400158G

Dimensions 0.00 × 0.00 × 0.00 cm
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