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Simpson Westinghouse Washing machine Fabric Dispenser Cap

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Agitator Cap Top Cup for Fabric Softener fits most Simpson, Westinghouse and Electrolux top loaders.  Fits many Simpson medium & large top suspended automatic washing. Also fits some Westinghouse models.
Total height – 96mm, Outer diameter of top – 78mm.

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Sku:0007204001 (sm)

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Simpson Westinghouse Washing machine Fabric Dispenser Cap

Total height – 96mm, Outer diameter of top – 78mm.

Part number: 0007204001

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Suits Hoover 600MD

Suits Simpson, Westinghouse models : PRESS CTRL+F to search your model

36S550J 36S550K 36S550L 36S550M 36S550N 36S605K 36P450K 36S450L

22S650K 22S750K 22S750L 22S750M 22S750N 22S801K 22S802K 22S806K 22S807K


EWT606SA WWT554B WWT8011 WWT8012 LT608SA LT609SA WWT8040 // 913041172

AGITATOR CAP DETERGENT CAP WWT6040 91304117401 SWT6541M 91304116301 SWT6041
91304116801 SWT6541 , swt8043, 91304111301 SWT5541 91304111201 22S750M 91304101000
22S750M*00 913001241 22S950M 91304101100 SWT902SA 91304100800 SWT902SA*00
913001228 SWT955SA 91304100900 SWT955SA*00 913001229 SWT552SA 91304100200
SWT605SA 91304100300 91304101001 SWT802SA 91304100701 91304100801 91304100901
91304100201 91304100301 91304101101 22S750N 91304104700 91304100700 SWT802SA*00
913001227 22S750L*00 22S750L*02 22S800L*00 22S800L*02 22S805L*00 22S805L*02
22S950L*00 22S950L*02 36P450L*00 36P450L*02 36S550L*00 36S550L*02 36S605L*00
36S605L*02 22S650K*03 22S750K*03 700LD*00 750LD*00 36P450K*02 36P450K*03 36S550K*02
36S550K*03 500MD*00 550MD*00 600MD*00 500MB*02 550MB*02 600MB*02 K600B*02 K600B*03
36P450J*04 36S550J*04 36S605M*00 EWT606SA 91304100400 700LC*01 750LC*01 K750C*01
750LA*01 22S650K*01 22S750K*01 500MA*01 550MA*01 700LB*01 750LB*01 K750B*01
36S605K*02 K605B*02 SWT801 91304108100 91304108101 SWT951 91304108200 91304108201
SWT8012 22S756J*03 800RLD*00 800RLD*01 22S757J*03 700LA*01 22S800L*03 22S950L*03
22S816K*00 22S801K*01 228S802K*01 LT609SA*01 LT609SA*00 36S605K*01 22S806K*01
22S807K*01 800ELB*01 K800B*01 LB725P000 22A704P000 22A704P110 LB750S000 LB725P010
LB750S010 22A704P010 22A704P100 22A705P000 22A705P010 22A705P100 22A705P110
800RLA*01 LT608SA*01 LT608SA*02 LT608SA*03 36P450K*01 36S550K*01 800RLC*01
800ELA*01 91304111200 91304111300 500ME*00 600ME*00 800RLB*01 WWT8011 91304112601
700LE*00 LT609SA*03 LT609SAU*03 500MB*01 550MB*01 600MB*01 91304116300 91304108102
91304108202 800ELC*01 36S605N 91304105700 36S550M 91304100001 91304100000 36S550N
91304105100 36S550M*00 913001215 36S605M 91304100100 91304100101 K800C*01
91304117400 WWT554B 91304113300 91304112600,
22S701E*01 22S701E*04 LE425P*01 LE555S*01 36S501E*01 36S501E*04 36S502E*01
36S502E*02 36S502E*04 22S702E*01 22S702E*04 22S703E*01 22S703E*04 22S704E*01
36S503E*01 36S503E*04 36S504E*01 36S504E*04 36S511E*01 36S511E*04 36S512E*01
36S512E*02 LE555S*02 36C526S*04 36C526S*05 36E421S*01 36E421S*02 36E422P*01
36S512E*04 36S513E*04 36S513E*01 36S514E*04 36S514E*01 36E423P*01 36E522P*01
36E523S*01 36E523S*02 36E525S*01 22S704E*04 22S711E*01 22S711E*04 22S712E*01
22S712E*04 36E525S*02 36P425E*01 36P428E*01 36S429E*01 36S429E*02 22S713E*01
22S713E*04 22S714E*01 22S714E*04 36C527S*04 36C527S*05 22C821S*01 22C821S*02
22C822P*01 22C822P*02 22C823S*01 22C823S*02 22D721S*01 22D721S*02 22D728P*01
22D728P*02 22D729S*01 22D729S*02 22D824P*01 22D824P*02 22D825P*01 22D825P*02
22D826S*01 22D826S*02 22D827S*01 22D827S*02 22D828SS*01 22D828SS*02 22D829SA*01
22D829SA*02 LD555S*01 LD555S*03 36D427S*01 36C526S*01 36C526S*02 36C527S*01
36D427S*02 36C527S*02 36D421S*01 36D429S*01 36D523S*01 36D523S*02 36D523S*03
36D525S*01 36D525S*02 36D525S*03 36D528SA*01 36D528SA*02 36D528SA*03 AC36D525S*01
22P824D*03 22P728E*01 22S730E*01 22S821E*01 22S823E*01 22S720F*01 22S730F*01
22S821F*01 22S823F*01 22P822E*01 22S822F*01 22S826F*01 LE425P*04 LE555S*04
36P422E*04 36S424E*01 36S424E*04 36S525E*04 36S526E*04 36S527E*04 36S501E*06
36S501E*07 36S502E*07 36S503E*05 36S503E*06 36S503E*07 36S504E*05 36S504E*07
36S511E*06 36S511E*07 36S512E*07 36S513E*05 36S513E*06 36S513E*07 36S514E*05
36S514E*07 LD800S*05 LD850SA*05 LD800S*01 LD850SA*01 LD850SA*02 LE555S*03
36E421S*03 36E525S*03 36E528SA*03 36S429E*03 36S526E*01 36S527E*01 22S720F*04
22S823F*04 22S823F*05 22S720F*05 22S821F*04 22P824D*04 22S821F*05 22S822F*04
22P824D*05 22S822F*05 22P824D*06 22S826F*04 22S826F*05 22P728G*01 22P728G*02
22S730G*01 22S730G*02 22C813S*01 22C814S*01 36P401F*01 36P401F*04 36S426F*01
36S426F*04 36S520F*01 36S520F*04,
22A705P110 LB725P000 LB725P010 LB750S000 LB750S010 22A704P000 22A704P010
22A704P100 22A704P110 22A705P100 22A705P000 22A705P010 LB725P020 LB750S020,
22P600H*01 22S740H*01 22S741H*01 36P450H*01 36S500H*01 36S540H*01 36S540H*02
22S740H*02 22S741H*02 22S700H*01 36S541H*01 36S541H*02 22P650J*02 22S650J*01
22S741J*02 22S750J*02 22S750J*01 36P450J*01 36S541J*01 36S550J*01 22S751J*01
22S752J*01 22P650J*01 22S741J*01 36S555J*01 36S556J*01 36S557J*01 36P450H*03 36S500H*03 36S541H*03 22P600H*03 22S700H*03 22S740H*03 22S741H*03 22S701E*07
22S702E*07 22S703E*07 22S704E*07 22S711E*07 22S712E*07 22S713E*07 22S714E*07
22S701E*06 22S703E*05 22S703E*06 22S704E*05 22S711E*06 22S713E*05 22S713E*06
22S714E*05 LC725P*02 LC750S*02 22B705P*02 22B710SE*02 22B711SE*02 22B715S*02
36S551J*01 36S552J*01 22S756J*01 22S756J*02 22S757J*01 22S757J*02, EZISET, EZI set simple
22C812P*01 22C808SS*01 22C806S*01 22C804P*01 36C405P*01 22A706S000 LB750S000
LB750S010 22A706S010 22A706S100 22A704P000 22A706S110 22A704P010 22A704P100
22A707PA000 22A707PA010 22A704P110 22A707PA100 22A705P000 22A705P010 22A707PA110
22A708SA000 22A705P100 22A705P110 22A708SA010 22A708SA100 22A708SA110
22A710SE000 22A710SE010 36A402P000 36A402P010 36A402P020 36A402P030 36A405P000
36A505S000 36A505S010 36A505S020 36A505S030 36A506P000 36A506P030 36A506P040
36A405P030 36A405P040 36A406P000 36A406P010 36A406P020 36A406P030 36A407SA000
36A407SA010 36A407SA020 36A407SA030 36A507S000 36A507S030 W42AP000 W42AP030
W55AS000 W55AS030 36A507S040 36A508SA000 36A508SA010 36A508SA020 36A508SA030
22A704P120 22A705P120 22A706S120 22A707PA120 22A708SA120 22A710SE020 LC725P000
LC750S000 22B704P000 22B705P000 22B706S000 22B707PA000 22B708SA000 22B710SE000,
800RLD*00 800RLD*01 500MB*02 550MB*02 500MD*00 550MD*00 600MD*00 700LC*01 600MB*02
K600B*02 K600B*03 700LB*01 750LB*01 750LC*01 K750C*01 K750B*01 700LD*00 750LD*00
800ELB*01 K800B*01 800RLC*01 800RLB*01 K600B*01 500MB*01 550MB*01 600MB*01
800ELC*01 K800C*01,
LB725P000, LB725P010, LB750S000, LB750S010 # LT608SA*01, LT608SA*02, LT608SA*03 #
LT609SA*00, LT609SA*01, LT609SA*03, # LT609SAU*03, LT758SA*01, LT809SA*00, LT809SA*01 #
LT819SA*00, LT819SA*01, LT908SA*01, LT908SA*03 # LT955SA*00, LT955SA*01, LT955SA*02, #
LT959SA*00 # WWT6040 91304117402, WWT554B 91304113302 91304113301, WWT8011
K605B*02, K750C*01, K750B*01, K800B*01, K800C*01 91304117400 91304113300 91304112600
500MD*00, 500ME*00, 550MA*01, 550MB*01, 550MB*02, 550MD*00, 600MB*01 91304116300
91304108102 91304108202, 600MB*02, 600MD*00, 600ME*00, 700LA*01, 700LB*01, 700LB/LC,
700LC*01, 700LD*00, 700LE*00, 750LA*01, 750LB*01, 750LC*01, 750LD*00, 800ELA*01
91304111200 91304111300, 800ELB*01, 800ELC*01 800RLA*01, 800RLB*01, 800RLC*01,
800RLD*00, 800RLD*01,

Dimensions 0.00 × 0.00 × 0.00 cm
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