Suits : FS60R-4W FS60R-8W FS60CER-8W (FS60R 4, 8W and FS60CER)
Parmco FS60R 4, 8W and FS60CER Freestanding stove Complete Door - XXS0040803039 $297.00 + GST
909010462 GAS JET - 1.05 COOKTOP
Smeg COOKTOP GAS JET - 1.05 909010462 $29.00 + GST

Smeg Oven Main Power Safety Thermostat 140°C Limiter Thermostat – 818731476

In stock

Sku:818731476 (ast)

$25.00 + GST

In stock

Smeg Oven Safety Thermostat 140 Degrees – 818731476

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