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Universal Black Knob 40mm including shaft adapters,

Each replacement knob comes with x2 contrast indicator set – red / grey. You can customize your knob

Knob comes with adapters to fit standard shaft sizes and fitting styles, making them compatible with most gas and electric cooking appliances

To select the correct size knob, measure the diameter of the knob you’re replacing.

In Stock

Sku:SBWUK40B1 (sm)

$30.00 + GST

Universal Black Knob 40mm including shaft adapters

  • Fits most cooking appliance control/knob configurations:-

    • 3 industry standard shaft sizes – 3/16″ , 6mm & 1/4″

    • Flush , 10mm or 1″ insertions.

    • 8 Points of rotation adjustment.

    • Gas & Electric compatible.

    • Gas ignition collar.

  • Modern minimalist ergonomic design.

  • High quality flame & temperature resistant resins


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